09:30 - 09:35 zaal: Progress

Welkomstwoord door dagvoorzitter Samuel Driessen

Samuel Driessen

Samuel Driessen

Mission Control for Employee Experience Improvement

09:35 - 10:25

Employees need meaningful use cases that improve their experience of work if they are to really engage with the Intranet as a key digital workplace platform. Creating and launching improvement missions is a great way to find and interact with your passionate change agents, whilst solving practical problems and fixing broken processes.+ Lees meer
This talk will share our experience of engaging people in this kind of continuous improvement of employee experience using the intranet as a base.

Of course, many of the most interesting problems to solve are cross-functional, which needs leadership co-operation. Lee will also share some examples of running digital leadership groups that bring together key stakeholders and functions to help co-ordinate improvement missions and respond to employee concerns.- Lees minder

Lee Bryant

Co-founder, Postshift
Lee Bryant

Top Intranet of 2019

10:25 - 11:10

Learn what separates the best intranets and digital workplaces from the rest. A behind-the-scenes look at the best intranets and digital workplaces from British Airways, Coca-Cola, Duke Energy, Liberty Mutual, Lockheed Martin and others, as presented at this year's Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Forum in New York City. + Lees meer
Among the issues explored:
  • Planning and managing a complete intranet redesign
  • Digital assistants, chatbots and AI in the digital workplace
  • Undertaking a complete content audit and clean-up
  • Deploying a communications-based intranet in SharePoint Online - Office 365
  • And many case studies, and real-life examples - Lees minder
  • Toby Ward

    President, Prescient Digital Media
    Toby Ward

    Change that Works starts at Day 1 of your Digital Workplace Project

    11:30 - 12:10

    Who isn’t talking about Change Management when it comes to Digital Workplace projects? Still, the success rate of such endeavours doesn’t make one too optimistic. But: is Change Management itself to blame for this, people’s resistance to change or rather outdated approaches not adapted to the challende at hand?+ Lees meer
    This presentation will show a way to approach cultural change in a holistic way, an approach that drives the project rather than being one work package that gets looked at towards the end of a project. Topics covered include:
  • Why and how this change is different from most change initiatives that organizations are used to
  • How to incorporate culture change into your projects, starting at Day 1
  • How to quickly assess the current cultural situation and evaluate the dimension of change required
  • How to build your Change Management Plan and what to include - Lees minder
  • Stephan Schillerwein

    CEO & Principal Consultant, Schillerwein Net Consulting
    Stephan Schillerwein

    Mapping the emerging digital organisation

    11:30 - 12:10

    This breakout will share some practical methods and techniques for digital capability and talent mapping using the Intranet, to help create a map of the emerging digital organisation and help identify and connect hot spots of digitally advanced skills and ways of working.+ Lees meer
    It will cover chatbots and other interaction methods to build a picture that is more current than surveys or consultations, and suggest ways these maps can be used to help guide digital transformation, hiring and learning and development activities.- Lees minder

    Lee Bryant

    Co-founder, Postshift
    Lee Bryant


    12:20 - 13:20

    Geniet van een lunch met broodjes met divers beleg

    The global intranet journey of ING

    13:20 - 14:00

    ING came from far. Over 500 local intranets merged into one, global intranet. However, that’s only the first step towards an ambition to make life easier for its 70k workforce.+ Lees meer
  • What’s ING’s vision on the successor of their ‘One Intranet’? Yes, it’s Office 365 obviously. But it’s more than that.
  • What tools come together in ING’s future ‘Employee Experience Platform’? How is ING leveraging Office 365, but enhancing the user experience and creating value for its employees at the same time?
  • And what barriers did ING face and how did they overcome them? They have little to do with technical constraints or euros, so what is it about? And what shortcuts did they find?
  • And finally: a brief overview of ING’s One Intranet of today, as well as a sneak peak of their integrated experience platform of tomorrow - Lees minder
  • Joris Kok

    Product owner, ING
    Joris Kok

    The journey of SAM, NN’s social intranet (a bumpy road)

    14:10 - 14:50

    Bij haar afscheiding van ING wilde het verzekeringsbedrijf, NN Group, het heel anders doen qua intranet. Men koos er voor om daar 1 Social Collaboration Platform voor in te zetten voor alle medewerkers in alle 18 landen. Inmiddels zijn we 6 jaar en is het intranet (SAM, dat staat voor Share All that Matters) gemigreerd naar Office 365.+ Lees meer
    Til Nieuweboer vertelt over de reis van digital collaboration en het intranet; over de adoptieblunders, maar ook over de te succesvolle adoptie bij Delta Lloyd. Ook wordt duidelijk hoe belangrijk het is het gebruik van je platform te analyseren en vervolgens onder te verdelen in use cases (gebruikersscenarios’s), ten behoeve van een succesvolle migratie naar een ander platform. - Lees minder

    Til Nieuweboer

    Head of COCR Support, NN Group
    Til Nieuweboer

    'T staat op het intranet'

    14:55 - 15:35

    Intranetartiesten, de sharepointpoëten en slackkunstenaars. Dat zijn we. Er kan zo veel en we doen zo veel. Het staat op het intranet. Maar zijn onze intranetkunstwerken een doel of een middel?+ Lees meer
    Laten we ons teveel afleiden door de technologische spiegeltjes en kraaltjes of gebruiken we onze technologische super powers om onze collega's in staat te stellen de beste versie van zichzelf te zijn? Met zijn kenmerkende kritische toon en met voorbeelden uit zijn eigen privéleven en zijn werk bij organisaties als KLM, LEGO en Nike, werpt Polle een blik op de zin en onzin van onze intranetofilie. - Lees minder

    Polle de Maagt

    Changing companies to be more about acts
    Polle de Maagt

    Afsluiting en netwerkborrel

    16:30 - 17:30 zaal: Progress

    Ontmoet vakgenoten en andere online specialisten tijdens de borrel.

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